Fragrance flavor for a new customer experience – Deadline Dec 15th

Group Overview

The Group is a world leading health and cosmetics company. It is present in 60 countries and has 127,600 employees.

Three main areas of activity:

  • Skincare and OTC products (health, care and hygiene)
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical


Fragrances and / or aromas are an important component of care products (skin, oral care or Over The Counter products). Our group wants to develop innovations with scents / flavors that add real value to products, perfumes / flavors that can be considered as technologies and thus having an action other than the fragrance, like an action on the skin, emotions, the sensory experience, salivation … or new formats, supports for long lasting benefits.

Call for innovations

We are looking for innovative companies to establish collaborations to develop a product offering active scents / flavors

Desired innovations must:

  • Get breakthrough new approaches and / or technologies;
  • Give consumers / users a new experience or above the current proposals;
  • Deliver real added value / benefit.

Finally, our target is the mass market (which assumes a sale price in line with the market):

  • Ability to get to mass channel appropriate cost of goods
  • Must include a consumable that the consumer would repeat on multiple times a year
  • The company should have at least a functional prototype

Perfumes/flavor activities may include (not exhaustive and not exclusive):

  • For the care of the skin (hydration, act against mosquitoes, pollution …)
  • For baby and adult-related care (action on emotion, mood, behavior, brain…)
  • For oral hygiene (aromas with a sensory experience, to activate salivation…)
  • For OTC, pharmacy (use smell as a diagnostic …)

In more detail, innovation can play on several factors:

– The performance
The solutions enable to optimize the performance or use of our products, increasing profit or accelerating the perception of a result. Innovations targeting performance will take into account, for example:
The product efficiency characteristics moisturizing, soothing, anti-inflammatory effect….

– Experience
These innovations make every « extraordinary » experience, playing on emotions, well-being, the concept of sensory experience.
The new formats, supports, encapsulation, sequestration fragrances with long lasting benefits.

These examples are not exhaustive, nor exclusive!

The steps of the call for innovation  .

  • Closing date: Dec. 15th
  • Pitch session (in front of senior leaders): end of Jan. 2017
  • Final selection – Collaboration: mid/end Feb, 2017

Group contributions if interest confirmed  

Our collaboration will commit funding and provide you support for your innovation that can be regulatory, supply chain, …

The group has a global network of expertise, internal and/or external, that you might benefit.

Leader in global market of hygiene and care products, the group can help you establish your market with consumers of prestigious brands.

Your project may well have international exposure and investment markets in countries around the world.

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